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4 farkli dilde basılan Osmanlı Parası

2020'nin milyon dolarlık sorusunu cevaplamak için gelin hep beraber biraz geçmişe gidelim. Bir kaç yıl değil, şöyle birkaç yüzyıl geri gidelim.

Paranın değerinin düşmesi yani devalüasyonla ilk defa bundan 556 yıl önce, 1445 ‘de tanıştık. O sırada tahtta 12 yasında bir çocuk oturuyordu: Osmanlı tahtına iki defa çıkan ve tarihlere sonradan ‘’Fatih’’ olarak geçen İkinci Mehmed.

Varna savaşı sonrası askerlere verilmesi gereken para devlet kasasında yoktu. Bugün olduğu gibi, para basma yetkisi devlette olduğundan, yine bugün yapıldığı gibi, paranın değeri düşürülerek maaşlar ödendi. …

Don’t depend solely on Inbound

Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash

Inbound marketing, as the name implies, stands in contrast to outbound. TechTarget defines inbound marketing as “a strategy that focuses on attracting customers, or leads, via company-created Internet content.” Examples include subscription-based email marketing, content marketing (blog posts, white papers, etc.), and paid search advertising.

Lately, companies were focusing more on inbound marketing to generate leads. Especially some SAAS companies depend solely on inbound marketing. The main motive is cost-efficiency. Although it’s a time-consuming investment, cost/lead is very low if you play your cards well. For example, HubSpot, a SAAS CRM provider, depends mostly on…

How to find new clients in the post-Covid world?

Forbidden — Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

If there is one thing that this pandemic changed, it’s the nature of international business. The fast pace of globalization has ended with a train crash, and it means the end of international business as we know it.

Within a concise timeframe, international business meetings switched roadshows, conferences to Zoom meetings and online events. Some might be sceptical if this is going to be the case in the post-Covid world, but, certainly, we won’t travel for business as we did in the pre-Covid world.

To keep up with clients, we now rely more on phone calls and video calls. For…

CEO’s guide to hire or outsource.

To grow sales organizations, large corporations throw truckloads of money to hire the best talent because they have money flooding from investors and current sales. For small companies, however, hiring is a more sound decision. It directly affects cash flow. As there are many risks and constraints, they hesitate between recruitment and outsourcing sales activities.

Think again. Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

CEO as the first business developer

In many early-stage companies, the CEO takes the sales representative role and generate leads. However, as the company grows, the CEO faces time constraints. One solution is to hire a salesperson, but it should be well calculated before hiring because it could be costly for…

Three reasons why your prospects ghost on you and how to deal with it

Ghosting hurts Photo by Erik Müller on Unsplash

Just like Tinder ghosting, client ghosting in sales is real, and it hurts. As the Cambridge dictionary puts it, ghosting is a way of ending a relationship with someone by stopping all communication with them.

Let’s say you sent an email, received a positive reply. Bingo! You had a very positive phone call/ demo call. Perfect! Your prospect expressed interest, you sent additional info and crossed your fingers. Some follow-ups happened (or not), days, and weeks passed. Sadly, no news. Your prospect is not answering your…

3 tips to stay sane during insane times

Photo by Joel Naren on Unsplash

We all live in a science-fiction movie these days. TVs talk about the virus all the time, economies are collapsing, millions of people lose their jobs without income, doctors choose to decide will die. We are under the constant flow of negative information, our WhatsApp groups are boiling with new information, we see images of empty streets around the world.

Your twitter feed is all about case numbers, deaths per country. All your social media feed is filled with negativity and fake news. …

Why do we need gamification? How to reshape corporate training to engage employees.

How to motivate everyone? Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

During six years of corporate life, I joined countless corporate training sessions. Sales academies, seminars of motivation gurus, personal brand courses, compliances training, teamwork boast camps, training courses in first aid, fire safety training, and the ones I cannot remember at all. While some of them were indeed valuable, I remember one thing in common: How bored I was.

Endless slides of over motivated gurus, bored participants secretly checking their facebook feeds, counting minutes left for lunch. At the end of the training sessions, trainers tried to…

What does it take to do business in the land of wine and cheese?

Is France your promised land? Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

France is definitely a fun place to visit. Top quality wine, good food, many attractions. France has a lot to offer to a tourist but it could be a tricky place for your business.

In fact, for startups, any international investment decision is tricky. Growth is essential but how to choose the next country to expand?

This question was evident for manufacturing firms in the ’70s: “Start from the country where you can ship your products.” Today, as the world economy gets more and more connected…

What would a market research study answer?

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

I’m puzzled when start-up CEO’s tell me that they don’t need a market study. “We just need to sell!” they say most of the time.

Yes, being result oriented, having clear targets, are beneficial for success. However, how are you going to sell if you haven’t answered 5W of the business? I often come across start-up founders who haven’t even decided on basics for their business. Let’s review what a market study will answer.

What: This should be the most straightforward question. You know what you sell, right? However, in many early-stage startup cases, even what to sell is not…

Photo by Kendal James on Unsplash

Every day we read another futuristic news promising bio superpowers. Lab-grown organs, genetically modified plastic eater bacteria and designer babies are the ones getting the most media coverage. Behind these headlines, breakthrough biotechnological advancements are hidden.

As new technologies emerge, numerous biotech startups are launched each year. Once seen as a risky business, now biotech startups attract a record amount of investment. Specialized venture capital firms are pouring money into the sector.

In 2017 more than 10 billion USD were invested in biotech firms. According to PitchBook, 2018 was the record year for biotech investments.

Zafer Atik

Business development consultant helping startups finding markets and grow sales. Interested in history and economics. Living between Paris and İstanbul.

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